We believe that no one should have to miss saying goodbye.  


And we know that live streaming a funeral service can help Funeral Directors bring those who can't make it on the day into a celebration of life.   

Research shows that 35% of families would like to organize a webcast when being given an option but most do not know it is possible.   In the days past video recording was a new and fancy offering, where now it is assumed.  Webcasting is becoming the same.

Funralcast can help.  We are Australia’s first and leading provider of webcasting services.  We have been helping families ensure no one is left out of the celebration of a loved ones life since 2005.



Funeralcast works with Funeral Directors in two main ways:


1.   We assist you in explaining the services we provide, and helping the family in organising the webcast at either one of our partner locations across the country, or at any other location around Sydney.  


2.  We assist independent funeral directors set up webcasting out of your facilities. We help with design, set up, process, training, marketing and once up and running - management and customer service. We are able to tailor and design a service that is branded for you.



What some of our clients say about us:


To see what one of our clients - Morleys Funerals out of Townsville say about our services please click here.


Another one of our clients - H Parsons Funeral Directors in Illawara, NSW shared that choosing a live streaming option has not been a simple process and there were a number of considerations they took into account:

  1. Cost: there is a spectrum of services from free options of bringing your own device, and Youtube, low cost with limitations of privacy and personalisation, to large media providers – think sporting events.
  2. Set up: here the trade offs are low cost but complex administration to fully automated but little control of change if necessary
  3. Support:  spectrum of low cost but no support to someone else handling all technical enquiries

 For H Parsons the preference was for a simple and quick booking system that lets them keep control of the communication with their families. They also wanted to ensure they outsource the support because their Funeral Conductor needs to focus on the family during the service, and not be troubleshooting why “Aunt Mary” has no sound on her computer. 

Brian Hood, General Manager at H Parsons said: 'For all these reasons, we choose Funeralcast. They have been a terrific partner. We have a dedicated portal for booking a webstream that takes no more than 1 minute to complete yet keeps us in control of the communication with our client family. They take care of all aspects of the webstream, including testing the equipment before each service, start and stop the stream and take care of the technical support for our clients."

H Parsons found two other unexpected benefits of web streaming.  First is a new way to engage with the nursing homes in the region rather than sending buses to one of their chapels. The second is as that since the webcast is recorded on the Funeralcast system there is a back up to the one they record.


In the Media :

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To find out more give us a call on  +61 (0) 2 8006 8894 or write to us on info@funeralcast.com.au.