Recorded at: WIN Jubilee Oval


Loving and adored soulmate and partner of Jamie. Precious, beautiful and irreplaceable daughter of Vince and Julie. Amazing and inspirational sister of Matt and Kate, and sister-in-law Kate. Will be greatly missed by her much adored puppy Cooper. Dearly loved by her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from the Fitzsimons, Moore and Keith families along with her many, many friends from the collage of experiences in her wonderful life. An amazing girl, with the potential, enthusiasm and passion to achieve, who touched the lives of all who knew her.

Here are some of the most common support questions:

The page loads however the video doesn't  play.

Sometimes you may need to click on the play button. This is common with iPads because the video player will not Auto-Play. If you see an message "error loading stream ID not found on server" its because the live stream has either not started or it has finished.


A pop-up box comes up asking me to save a file to my computer.

The likely reason is because you do not have the latest version of Flash player installed. click here to download and install Flash player.

During the live webcast the video stopped.

You may have to refresh or reload your page to re-connect to the live stream.


During the live webcast I get a freeze-frame but the audio still plays

The like reason is because your Internet connection is slow or you have other people downloading or watching video on the same broadband connection. For iPad 3G or 4G owners it maybe because you are in a busy area or too far from a mobile cell tower.


During the live webcast the video stops and starts regularly (this is called buffering).

Again this is most probably due to a slow connection. Our webcasts are compressed to 200kbps which is an optimal speed for slow broadband connections. That's only four times faster than dial-up speed. Unfortunately we have no control over the speed in which the video stream is brought down to your computer or device.


If you support issue is not mentioned above please send an email to Our support team will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.

If you should experience any major problems during the live webcast be assured that the service is being recorded at multiple points and will be available as an archive within 24 hours of the service.