Our services can be divided into 4 different sections. However, irrespective of what option you choose, each one of our services is streamed in a highly private, secure and compassionate manner. All have a dedicated webcast manager, who makes sure everything is running smoothly for those that are watching online. They also answer any queries and can help out if anyone who would require additional assistance.

On Demand

At a number of locations we have equipment set up and enabled at all times.  This means we are able to organise a webcast very quickly and provide a very non intrusive service.  Cameras used are those already existing and mounted on wall of the chapel and also used to produce a recording.  Funeralcast manages everything remotely working together with the service concierge.  They constantly have a support team that will help coordinate with the concierge to live stream the service , and provide any help that is required by friends and family who are watching the service live. 

On site

Funeralcast is also able to do a webcast from any location in the Sydney and surrounding area that has mobile coverage.  We come out with all necessary equipment and set up as necessary for service. This option can be very simple and it also lets you customise how the webcast will look like.  For example it is recommended for services that will have performances such as choir, music etc as a higher quality recording can be done as well as edited into a custom video.

Video Only

Should you prefer to have a video recording only (not have it streamed live) we are also able to help. Funeralcast can record, edit and produce a beautiful video creating a memento of the service to be kept forever.


We have worked with various organisations to provide video streaming of a special event – Mother’s Day celebrations, cultural events, charity days.  Speak to us about a possibility of a pro bono webcast for a charity event you may be organising.