Funeralcast offers clients a choice of four service packages, each of which prioritises privacy and security.

All service packages include a dedicated service manager who will ensure a seamless webcast or recording for viewers, and be on hand to field questions and provide technical assistance should the need arise.

On-Site Webcast - Sydney Area

We are able to deploy a dedicated team to funeral homes in Sydney areas and use our own equipment to set up a high-quality webcast.

With this option, our team takes care of all technical aspect of the service webcast, including positioning of cameras and sound tests, and we provide a high-quality recordings that expertly captures all elements of the service, including musical performances by choirs.

A dedicated webpage is included in our On-Site Webcast Package for viewers to access the secure webcast URL, and this page can be customised to include a photograph and eulogy. The webpage and secure URL remains accessible to families indefinitely, so the service can be watched an unlimited number of times.

Remote Webcast - Australia Wide

We are able to provide funeral homes with the equipment required to set up permanent live streaming functionality in chapels - and our team can manage all webcasts remotely.

This one-off setup equips funeral homes with on-going live streaming capabilities, so they will be able to offer webcast services to any family who requires it, and utilise the Funeralcast platform to facilitate viewing from a dedicated webpage.

A major benefit of this option is that, once set up, our team is able to organise a webcast for funeral homes very quickly, and provide a non-intrusive service.

Video Recording Only - Sydney Area

Should you prefer to have a video recording of a funeral service rather than a live webcast, we can help.

Funeralcast can record, edit and produce a beautiful video creating a memento of the service to be kept forever.

Special Events - Sydney Area

We have worked with various organisations to provide video streaming of special events such as Mother's Day celebrations, cultural events and charity days.

Talk to us about to us creating a professional webcast for your next event.