We understand that with funerals come a lot of questions, particularly when technical elements are involved. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How can I be certain the webcast will work?2021-11-30T05:13:55+11:00

Funeralcast has been webcasting services since 2005, to funeral homes as well as Australia’s leading banks and corporations. We have extensive technical knowledge of webcasting and recording, and pride ourselves on our solid track record of providing secure, stable and reliable services of the highest quality.

What happens if the internet goes down?2021-11-30T05:14:05+11:00

Should the internet connection go down, and this is something completely out of our control, we will work to use a copy of the recording to load the service onto the web link immediately after the service concludes. In this situation, the service will not be shown live but will be available for viewing on the link within 24 hours.

Where can people watch from?2021-11-30T05:14:15+11:00

Anywhere in the world! As long as there is a working internet connection and computer, tablet or smartphone on hand, our webcasts can be viewed by anyone with from access to the secure link.

How long do you keep a recording?2021-11-30T05:14:26+11:00

We keep the recording indefinitely.

How can I make a booking?2021-11-30T05:14:39+11:00

Booking is very simple, just phone us on (02) 8006 8894, or email us at info@funeralcast.com.au.

How do I know that someone won’t find our recording on the internet?2021-11-30T05:14:51+11:00

Our service uses a private and secure platform; the links are not searchable on any search engine. Without the link you cannot access the webcast, and as a further precaution, we are able to password protect the page on request.

Can I get a copy of the service?2021-11-30T05:15:03+11:00

On a case by case basis Funeralcast will create a downloadable link of the service.

Can I share the webcast on social media platforms?2021-11-30T05:15:13+11:00

The link and the video can be shared by the family on whichever platforms they choose.

Can I post the webcast to an online memorial page?2021-11-30T05:15:28+11:00

Funeralcast can organise for a direct feed to be built into an online memorial page of your choice, such as HeavenAddress or Etribute. Alternatively, you can paste the link of the webcast directly onto the online memorial page.

Which funeral homes does Funeralcast work with?2021-11-30T05:15:41+11:00

Funeralcast will work with all funeral directors, celebrants, religious officials or anyone involved with the organisation of the funeral service.

How much notice do I need to give to book a service?2021-11-30T05:15:53+11:00

Ideally we would like at least 24 hours notice to book a webcast. However, we have been able to organise a webcast with 15 minutes notice at some of the chapels we have equipment in. Please do not hesitate to call on (02) 8006 8894 to discuss your requirements.

What will people see during a funeral webcast?2021-11-30T05:16:06+11:00

Most webcasts have multiple camera angles. They include a wide angle, which provides the viewer with a good perspective of the venue; a close up shot of the lectern; and a reverse angle showing the congregation attending the service. All of the switching between cameras is taken care of by experienced staff who manage the multimedia component of the service.

How do family and friends access the funeral webcast?2021-11-30T05:16:19+11:00

The unique link or URL, which is sent out as a part of the confirmation email, can be forwarded to as many email addresses as you like. Clicking on the link will load the Funeralcast page in a web browser. The streaming usually begins 15 minutes prior to the service, giving viewers plenty of time to settle into a comfortable place to watch the service.

Will the webcast work on Macs and PCs?2021-11-30T05:16:30+11:00

Yes! Our funeral live streaming can be viewed on Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets. Even though there is no need to download any special software, its always a good idea to test the page prior to the day of the service. We will always have a test video playing so that you can be sure your system will be ready on the day.

Can I watch a live webcast later on?2021-11-30T05:16:42+11:00

You can. All Funeralcast webcasts are recorded and ready for playback usually within 24 hours of being filmed. Our goal is to keep the services available for an indefinite period so that families have continue to have access to the service.

Are there any restrictions for international viewers?2021-11-30T05:16:53+11:00

There is no geo-blocking of any overseas visitors to our webcasts. Anyone with the link and an internet connection can view the service.

Who can help if we have viewing problems during the service?2021-11-30T05:17:05+11:00

Funeralcast has a team of support staff available to help between office hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm weekdays. Please send an email outlining your operating system, your browser, and details about the problem you are experiencing.

Is there a limit to how many people can view the service?2021-11-30T05:17:16+11:00

No. Funeralcast deploys its webcasts on many web servers all over the world. During instances of high demand, the service can easily scale to accommodate thousands of video streams from all over the world.

How fast does my internet connection need to be?2021-11-30T05:17:28+11:00

Ideally you should have consistent broadband speed to avoid any complications while viewing a webcast. We recommend a minimum speed of at least 256kbps. We recommend an ADSL connection, as 3G and 4G will use up to 50MB of data, and is known to be inconsistent with its service delivery. A good guide would be to visit speedtest.net to test your internet connectivity speed.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer your questions as accurately as possible.

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